Hannah Brown on how to mix uni life with uni love


If you’ve never had a Tinder account, truth be told, you’re probably doing something right. Whilst there are a select few success stories, it’s got a bad reputation. But at university, so many people are using it who are in your demographic… so why not?

Meeting someone for a coffee in Unio or Ziggy’s, or going for a drink in the Red Bar isn’t a bad way to start a new relationship. The fun of it, of course, is finding your friends on the app and having the stress over whether to jokingly (or not) swipe right and see what happens.


Mercy, the Waterfront, the LCR, Loft… places to have both a great time and perhaps meet someone new. Meeting someone in a club has an even worse rep than Tinder, but honestly, if you’re looking for a romance for a night it’s not a bad place to check out.

Giving someone your number can strike up a conversation and securing a date on the dance floor isn’t the worst place you could tell your parents you met. Hopefully you’ll get a few free drinks out of a chance meeting anyway.


Societies and sport clubs might not be the first place to look for a potential partner, but you’re probably spending a lot of time on socials and at club meets.

You can get to know them both sober and drunk (which has both its benefits and let downs), and also have a good chat.

You know that the person has at least some of the same interests as you too, so unless you disagree drastically over something, you’re probably going to get along pretty well.


Ever sat next to someone cute in a lecture and been thankful that, no matter how boring the content is, at least you’re sat next to someone attractive?

Lectures are probably the nerdiest places to meet someone new, but it’ll make you sound good when they tell their parents how you met. Bond over the sheer boredom (or interest, if that isn’t the mystery I’ve heard it to be) of the lecture and you also have the excitement of having to whisper something into their ear…

Mutual Friends

And of course, unless you’re already in a steady relationship, who hasn’t had a friend saying, “I know someone who you could go on a date with!”? Unless they’re bad friends, they probably know the type of person that you’d like and are actually quite good people to trust! Another pro is that friends have your best interests at heart, so they won’t set you up with someone you’d be really incompatible with. And if someone is friends with your friend, chances are they’ll probably get along with you quite well too.


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