Harry Potter and the voyage of discovery

Harry’s adventures throughout the film instalments of the popular series take him to beautiful locations, from the city-scene of Kings Cross to the hills and countryside that the Hogwarts Express coasts through. With this in mind, Concrete takes a look at the real-life destinations that can transport you to the magical world of Harry Potter.

Kings Cross Station
In the first film, Harry Potter’s attention is attracted by the Weasleys running into a mysterious wall to enter ‘Platform 9 ¾’. In real life, Kings Cross Station have made use of the popularity of the film franchise and have actually marked a platform ‘9 ¾’. Fans and tourists alike can go and see the platform, which has a trolley half ‘inside’ the wall, making it a perfect photo spot to capture both your trip to London and into the wizarding world of Harry Potter.

Glencoe, Scotland
Glencoe sits within the Scottish highlands and was used as the set for Hagrid’s hut in the third film Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Because the set has now being taken down it is unfortunately not possible to visit Hagrid’s hut, but it is possible to take in the vast beauty of the Scottish highlands. In the Clachaig Inn, visitors can see a familiar scene as they overlook the landscape which was the backdrop for most of the third film.

London Zoo
The classic scene in the first film where Harry discovers his serpent-tongue abilities took place in the world-famous London Zoo. Just as Harry and the Dudley’s went to visit, tourists are able to as well. In the reptile house, the snake used in the scene is still there with a plaque just above it that informs visitors of the snake’s role in the beginning scenes of the film.

Lochabar, Scotland
Glennfinnan Viaduct in Lochabar provided the landscape that the students viewed as they steamed along on the Hogwarts Express. The countryside is a great sight for hiking. Visitors now have the ability to ride on the ‘Jacobite’ train which was actually used in filming as part of the Hogwarts Express.

At the end of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s stone Harry remarks to Hagrid that he “was not going home, not really”. With this in mind, every avid fan of the films and wander-lusting traveller should make a trip to these magical places.


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