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Hats are a huge trend all year round, however now it’s AW they have really come into their own. So many different styles are available across the High Street. With such a huge range to choose from how do you know which to opt for? Don’t worry – Venue are here to help to ensure you look fabulous this season.

These hats are a super cool way of staying warm this winter – just don’t wear them when it’s windy! Everyone from Millie Mackintosh to Johnny Depp to Beyonce have been spotted in one of these, and it’s easy to see why! The wide brim is much more forgiving on all face shapes than the small roller bowler hats that have been popular in recent years, and they are a super stylish way of glamming up any outfit. These hats look best with a simple pair of jeans, some cute ankle boots and an oversized shirt – perfect for an early morning lecture

Floppy Hat
Floppy hats are HUGE this winter, and I don’t just mean in size. These hats are perfect for giving your outfit a cool 70s vibe, and can be worn with pretty much anything from dresses to jeans. Black and burgundy are great colours that are perfect during the autumnal months. These can be extremely expensive so my best tip would be to look on eBay. A floppy hat is a great partner to a cosy faux fur gilet. You’ll both look glamorous and won’t catch a cold

I have never been able to nail that cool,hipster-y vibe that goes hand in hand with wearing a beanie, and I don’t think I ever will. However, that doesn’t stop me being completely envious of everyone else who is able to pull them off. Take Rita Ora or Cara Delevingne for example – they look incredibly effortless whilst wearing a beanie. I absolutely adore the style of beanie that features a cute bobble on the top and New Look has a huge range of these that are definitely worth a look. In comparison to the other hats, these will actually keep you warm, they’re fashionable but also practical – so I would recommend one of these for when the weather starts to worsen.

This is one of those items that always comes under the hat category, but isn’t really a hat – something that is really useful if you don’t like wearing hats but want to stay warm and stylish during the winter months. These headbands have been popular for a number of years now, and I have to admit, I do own one. They are so cute and a great way of incorporating faux fur into your wardrobe without going for a full on fur look. I’m not so keen on the knitted version if I am honest, they look like something you might wear in a spa, or something you might wear at the gym, so my advice would be to steer clear of those!


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