Haunted island escapes

Are you looking for a ghostly getaway this Halloween? Here are my top dramatic escapes for the spooky season…


Angelo Meneghini, Wikimedia Commons

This island is for those of you after a ghostly adventure. Poveglia island sits just a short boat ride from Venice, and is now uninhabited, except for the ghost hunters who appear to examine its eerie remains. In the 1700s, Poveglia was a plague island and became home to the hundreds of thousands of people afflicted with plague who were sent away to die.

It is rumoured that almost half the island’s soil is in fact bones. For some readers that might be enough to add it to your bucket list, but at the other extreme it may send you running (or gondoleering) for the hills.


Tibor Janosi Mozes, Pixabay

Sicily is a large island off the coast of Italy, full of beaches, ancient ruins, restaurants and bars. It’s a gorgeous place with centuries of history. It is easy to travel all over the island, so the idea should not leave you feeling stranded. The best place to visit here would be the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento, there must be more than a ghost story or too floating around. If you want to investigate one in particular, why not try the Teatro Massimo in Palermo. A huge opera house, said to be haunted by a nun whose tomb was desecrated during the buildings construction.

New Zealand

Alex Hu, Pixabay

Situated to the south-east of Australia, this island is a definite must. Aside from its gorgeous landscape and rich history, another, more modern reason to visit the island has to be the part it played in the Hobbit trilogy, which was filmed on the island. From the films alone, one can appreciate the rolling green expanses, stunning mountains, and rugged rocks that adorn this beautiful and diverse island. Yes, I know Frodo isn’t exactly scary, but hordes of orcs? Come on people, they’re terrifying.

Venice island

Mojca J, Pixabay

This last one is for those of you desperate to escape the creepy revelry. If you can’t think of anything worse than dressing up as a zombie, why not spend Halloween on your own private island? Everyone has heard of the beautiful floating city of Venice. Venice island lies in the lagoon of Venice. A gorgeous island of over 500 acres, with the sea right on your doorstep.

The only snag might be the princely sum of £10,614,457.83 – the amount it’ll cost you to get your hands on this charming piece of real estate on the edge of one of Europe’s most iconic cities.



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