Heating On Vs Heating Off

Gwennan Holt turns the heat up

I’m not quite sure how this debate is still going on. Look, being a university student during the winter is a difficult enough as it is, there’s a deadline waiting around every corner, you’re desperately trying to get into the Christmas spirit, you’ve spent most of your student loan on absolutely nothing, and to top it all off, it’s bloody freezing.

Why would you make things harder on yourself by not having the heating on? Sure, you might pay a bit extra, but surely it’s worth it so you don’t get first degree frostbite in your sleep? Imagine waking up and not feeling like you need to defrost yourself in the morning like a poorly built Vauxhall Corsa. Coming home after a cold day at uni and being able to actually take off your coat and jumper and still be warm? Trust me, those extra pennies are worth it.

Tony Allen tells us to put a jumper on

It seems, when it comes to our student houses, some like it hot. If that’s your thing, then great, but there are many, many merits to keeping that boiler turned down. It’s far cheaper, provides less of a shock when you finally work up the will to go outside and allows you to flaunt your favourite cosy Christmas knits around the house.

Furthermore, isn’t a hot house almost always slightly too warm? I’d say it’s far worse waking up in the middle of the night with a parched throat, feeling like you need to drink a small reservoir, than being a bit chilly.

At the risk of sounding like Scrooge – put another jumper on. Humbug to feeling like you’ve woken up in the Sahara, and humbug to receiving a nasty energy bill after the festivities are over – you thermostat busters certainly won’t have that warm feeling then.


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