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Heres to an eco-friendly future

Regretfully, I am not the most eco-friendly person. I do catch the bus and avoid paper cups, but until I read an article by The Guardian that said we have only 12 years left living in the world as we know it, I was indifferent about the whole climate change thing. Sorry.

Whether selfishness or ignorance (I reckon both) my eyes were shut to the climate change conversation – other than Leonardo DiCaprio’s Oscar speech a couple years ago, where he broadcasted his charity work to the world. Even then, I was more caught up in an argument about how he should’ve won it for Shutter Island instead of The Revenant; that film was too long.

But I am reformed, I drink oat milk now, I’m a whole new person and Concrete is proof. While we’ve always had a sharp eye on the impact of our stories, as a publication we’re reassessing our impact on the environment. Everyone loves to see their name in print, but even the most coveted copies of Concrete still end up in the bin – hopefully the recycling.

While we are printed on recycled paper, we wanted to further reduce our carbon footprint. So here it is, our first Eco-Issue. The same 24 pages of gorgeous, groundbreaking student journalism, but this time it’s only online. Head over to ISSUU where you can look at Concrete and Venue in high res, on the go, and knowing you’ve done a good deed for the environment. Well done you. Here’s to the break in our 27 year long print run – we’re doing it for you Leo.

We’ve been up to our ears in Science this week, working with The Norwich Science Festival young comms team, training the science journalists of the future. On page 18, Science Editor Anna Jose and Senior Science Writer Hannah Brown cover the best of the festival. If you’d like to see more, head over to concrete-online to read our reviewers thoughts on the events.

I’m also incredibly proud of Features this issue, with our long awaited security feature finally coming to print, at least, almost. Check out page 10, where Matt and I revisited the lodge to see what’s changed in the two years since Concrete last spoke to the team. I learnt a lot during my night in the lodge; the UEA Security team have really seen it all. With over 300 cameras on campus, the team couldn’t care less about catching you doing the 5 Ls because they catch everything else. The lake? They can see it even in the dark. Library? You bet. Everything you’ve ever done, and anyone you’ve ever done it with, has been broadcasted to them live. What a treat.

To find out more on how UEA Security have to deal with everything from drug dealers to the five Ls, listen to our Documentary Podcast of the night, available online now.

As always follow our socials and listen to our radio show at 5pm on Tuesday where we will be delving further into the new issue, my favourite yet. Here’s to an eco-friendly future!


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