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Hide and Seek

There is a lot of shouting outside. But Mummy told me to stay in here. Don’t come out, she said. Under any sir-come-stan-says.

I am okay. I have Moonlight with me. I am hugging him now. He feels fluffy and nice. Smells of fresh air.

It is dark in here. Moonlight is looking at me with one eye.

What was that? Bang. Bang. Bang. Was that Mummy? Yes, it was. She’s talking to someone. He does not sound nice. At all. I don’t like him. He talks weird. He said.. hail? Is it hailing outside? No, don’t hit Mummy, please!

Don’t come out the cupboard, Jack. You stay in here with Moonlight, where you are safe. There is a long line of light. It is so bright. Oh, I do want to come out so badly! But Mummy said I must not.

I hear that man. He sounds heavy as he walks. I’m scared, Mummy. Oh help me, please!

He’s here. He is here in the room. I can hear him now.

Will he go soon? He is making the floor shake. The light keeps going out. It keeps becoming black. He is blocking out the light. I keep not being able to see anything.

Ow, I hurt! I have a hurt all over. I cannot move. Mummy said not to move. This cupboard is so small. Don’t look behind the shelf, you horrid man! Stay away from me! Mummy, make the nasty man go away!

Is he going? I cannot hear him. What was that sound? I heard a thing. Was that the man? Did you take away my friends? Did you steal my neighbours too? Did you take them all away? Keep away from me, you horrid, horrid man!

Don’t go, Moonlight. Please. I love you, Moonlight. Stay with me.

I think I hear him. He is leaving. He is going now. I can get out. I can go find Mummy.

Mummy, where are you? The nasty man is gone now.

Mummy? Where have you gone, Mummy? Mummy!

Mummy. You left your gold star behind.


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March 2021
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