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Make-me-ups: hide that hangover

The first few weeks of term promise agendas filled with bars, clubs, socials and anything else which involves drinking like there’s no tomorrow.

However, the aftermath of our living-in-the-moment (or toilets depending on the strength of your stomach), catch up to us, and it’s not usually usually pretty. The best prescription during these sluggish moments is a low-key make-me-up.

Primarily, it is essential to hydrate the body, skin and hair following any period of excessive drinking because as a diuretic, alcohol increases urination.

There are many moisturises, lip conditioners and deep conditioning hair treatments available. If you’re not up for washing your hair, half a teaspoon (if that) of Moroccan oil works wanders. Rub it into your palms before working it through the tips of your hair. This can be used daily as quick-fix hydrating hair trick.

Sleepless nights from intense partying can be concealed, literally. Ideally the concealer you use should match the part of your skin least exposed to sun.

Apply under the eyes and near the edge of your nose. Clinique and Mac give brilliant results. If the circles are prominent, you can alternate the application of the product with pressed powder until you’re happy with the results. If you prefer wearing less make up, light-reflecting concealers are highly effective.

Acne and bloating are common consequences of too much drinking so it’s important not to overburden the skin with heavy makeup. Try tinted moisturisers or mixing part of your foundation with a light-weight moisturiser. It’s just as effective as foundation but a lot lighter on the skin.

Gently powdering your whole face with a small amount of bronzer will give your complexion a sun-kissed appearance. The bronzer should subtly compliment your skin tone, if you resemble an Oompa-Loompa, you’ve gone too far!

Bright eyes visually indicate how alert and sober you are. My top three tricks to accomplish these include:

  1. Lining your lower water line with white eyeliner creates the illusion that your eyes are larger and you’re more awake.
  2. Curling your eyelashes immediately opens up your eyes. Invest in a decent product, such as Tweezerman.
  3. Apply a dab of beige eye shadow to the tear ducts. It compliments all skin tones and reduces shadows.

With these guidelines you can effectively hide that hangover and brave your next seminar looking wide-awake and gorgeous, even if you’re dying inside.


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