Here we are, this academic year’s first issue of Concrete! It’s been a rocky ride but an enjoyable one none-the-less. 

I first came across Concrete on an open day here at UEA four years ago. I remember thinking that getting involved in student journalism would be cool, but I never pursued it in my first year here at UEA. 

It wasn’t until I bumped into an old friend (who was music editor of Venue at the time) that I thought that writing articles was something I could try. I had no idea if anything U wrote would be of good enough quality to publish. Now, here I am writing to you all as Deputy Editor of this award winning magazine! 

For a long part of my time writing for Concrete, I only wrote for the music section of Venue,  Concrete’s arts insert. Music was something I felt I knew enough about to be able to write confidently on it. After a while I realised that the sky was the limit and I could write in any section, on any topic – Concrete was my oyster and I could fill it with pearls. 

Now, as I begin my term as Deputy Editor I look back and think how silly it was that I waited so long to get involved in student journalism. Being a member of Concrete has helped me grow academically and socially – my summative grades have improved and I love meeting new people at Concrete’s Post Pub Pub – everyone is welcome to come along! (Every second Tuesday, after we publish!) I urge any freshers wanting to try something new to jump in headfirst, don’t look back. It doesn’t matter if you have no experience in what you want to do, this shouldn’t hold you back. 

University may feel like you have hit the ground running, but welcome every change with open arms. I wish I had a little sooner. If you are the slightest bit interested in student journalism, improving your writing skills, or wanting to meet lots of lovely new people, Concrete is perfect for you.