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Jackbox Party Pack 3

Over this special hibernation-edition of the Christmas period, the festive cheer required a few more engaging family activities than a read-out of cracker jokes and an opening of presents formerly doused in alcohol-smelling antibacterial fluid. You may have spent it playing Charades, or Pictionary for those of you who are able to interpret a Christmas tree from a non-equilateral Triforce. Even a quiz might have been tolerable if you had the same enthusiasm for them as Bradley Walsh.

As a lover of all three of these games, I bought the Jackbox Party Pack, where they could be played, except on a full-size TV. It was to my delight when, shortly before the 25th, I discovered that the pack of fun party games was not as isolated as myself; it was just one of a series of other party packs. I absolutely recommend buying this new edition if you have any family or friends, or know any strangers who enjoy fun, interactive games.

Jim Gell

Super Mario Odyssey

As usual, I played Fire Emblem over Christmas. That’d be boring to write about, though, and I did happen to play one other game: my brother generously bought me Super Mario Odyssey to play on my Nintendo Switch, and wow, I wish I’d bought it when I first got the console.

There isn’t much I can say about Super Mario Odyssey that hasn’t been said by everyone already. Mario is as mobile as ever, with his hat, named Cappy in this title, being able to be thrown out then jumped on as a platform, with this being able to be exploited in a variety of ways. Environments are the most colourful they’ve ever been– even more so than Galaxy, which I didn’t even think was possible.

Super Mario Odyssey is easily one of the best games on the Switch, even almost four years after its release. Play it if you get the chance.

Jack Oxford

The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening

It is a soul-destroying thing to not be good at something you love. I adore the cutesy aesthetic of Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening for the Nintendo Switch. I love the music, I love the different dungeons that all feel so distinct, I love how each new ability and item lets you explore a tiny bit further out into the world map and how wonderfully satisfying that is. 

However… I have had to check online walkthrough’s four times. I have no idea if I’m bad at video games or if there are simply some parts of the game that aren’t particularly well telegraphed, but occasionally I just reach a point where I’ve thrown all my items at the mini-boss I didn’t even know was coming and nothing has worked, so off to it is.

That aside, as I near the end of the game I got for Christmas, I can really see why the original Link’s Awakening gained such infamy and acclaim within the gaming community, and why it absolutely deserved this remake.

Alex Viney

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