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Hooking up in hostels is risky business

When young people travel, other young people are met on nights out in exotic places, and then, well, it can go in certain directions. A quintessential part of the young traveller’s experience though is staying in hostels and shared accommodation, so how does the logistics behind having sex work in this scenario?

The answer is open-ended, as many have different views on the matter. I have not as of yet been exposed to it in any way, so I am impartial at the moment. The reality though, is that there is no decent and not awkward way to go about it. I have stayed in a 28-bed dorm room before, so there is never really any real privacy unless you are very lucky, and any privacy you do find yourself having is certainly not likely to last as long as you may need. Most beds are also bunk beds, and have no form of separation from the other beds at all, so confidence is key here. Most opt to engage in such activities after a night out, but then your roommates are asleep and waking them up is considered one of the worst offences one can commit in shared dormitories. Some also use the bathrooms for this, but blocking roommates from using the toilet or the shower is not smart. Long story short, there is no discrete and respectful way to go about this.

Yet, people continue to have sex in hostels. I suppose if you’re not making friends in your room, and you’re soon to move onto another location, then what have you got to lose? You will never see these people again unless you are incredibly unlucky, so there is no real need to make an impression and maintain a certain level of dignity. Why should you sacrifice what you want to do for someone you don’t know nor care about? People have needs, right?

Assessing all of this, I would personally say that it should be avoided. When deciding what to do, there needs to be an awareness for how you would feel should someone have sex in your room. Would you not be bothered? Would you be disgusted? Chances are, these feelings are mutual and the judging looks and thoughts will be directed towards you. I would not feel comfortable being around such activities unless I was incredibly close with the person, and warned in advance. So, although it needs to be treated generally on a case by case basis, you need to ask yourself how you would feel? Also, just because you did it in a hostel in Berlin without any problems does not mean it will be accepted as well in Budapest or Prague. Just assess it in the moment, would it be acceptable? And more importantly, are they actually worth having sex with?


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