How to avoid hangover hell: tips & tricks

Your head is pounding, your mouth is dry and your stomach is turning over. Moving yourself from the comfort of your duvet seems an impossible thought. Have you come down with freshers’ flu? No. It is your hangover hell.
During your first term, you expect to have at least one hangover and anticipate that you will be feeling anything but fresh. However, you don’t want it to become too serious or spoil your fun. There are a few things you can do to make your hangover more bearable.
It’s a well-known fact that alcohol has far greater effect on an empty stomach so before you start drinking, be sure to eat properly. Pasta and bread are a good idea as these carbohydrates will slow down your body’s absorption of alcohol.
The popular culture of pre-drinking has led to the tendency of drinking too much, too quickly. Try limiting yourself to a certain amount and make sure you don’t exceed that.
Once at the LCR, continue to have a limit on your drinking (that means staying away from shots and jägerbombs!). According to the NHS, dark-coloured drinks give you the worst hangovers, which means that the temptation of cheap jägerbombs should be avoided. Shots must also be treated with caution, especially if you have already been doing them at pre-drinks.
When you return home from the club, your first thought is to eat something. Preferably the fattiest and greasiest food you can. You should follow this desire and order that Domino’s at 02:00, as it can help neutralise the effects of the alcohol.
Whatever drunken delicacy you do decide on should be accompanied by a large pint. Of water. Alcohol is a diuretic and drinking in excess can lead to dehydration, so it may also be an idea to bring another glass of water to bed with you.
The next morning, you will know as soon as you wake up what effect the nights events have had on you. Sleeping as much as you can will obviously help, but if you need some extra support, take a painkiller or something like Resolve. This will help your head and stomach to settle.
When you feel like you can’t brave the day ahead, force yourself to. If you have a dreaded 9am lecture, make sure that you’re there. Even if all it teaches you is the lesson that Tuesday night fun should not intrude too much on Wednesday morning classes.
Finally, ignore anyone who suggests trying hair-of-the-dog. That is drinking more alcohol to avoid a hangover. Drinking in the morning is a dangerous habit to fall into and all it will do is delay the symptoms of your hangover.
Hopefully some hangovers will be alleviated around campus during first term. Of course, the best known way to avoid a hangover is not drinking to excess and the ultimate cure is not drinking at all… Cheers!


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