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Just like your cardboard and beer bottles, the council picks up your unwanted textiles (no matter what condition they are in)! Instead of throwing away old clothes, this is an easy alternative that permits you that nice warm feeling inside.

Invest in quality, not quantity

Especially in winter, you want clothes that’ll last you – it’s way better to get one pair of strong trousers than two pairs of weak ones, for example, both in terms of costs and the environment. It may seem better to buy cheaper, but in the long run it’ll cost us all more!

Buy second hand

Charity shops are the perfect place to source great unique pieces of clothing for even better prices. Plus, you’re preventing clothing from lling up land ll sites. Bonus! Vintage shops also o er great second-hand eco-friendly options, though they can be a little pricier. Keep a look out for the UEA’s vintage fair which takes place in the Hive throughout the year, or take a trip to Norwich’s market for some great deals on vintage clothes.

Clean it right

Funnily enough, the chemicals you pour on your clothes during washing can be harmful to your body and the environment! Using naturally sourced laundry agents and detergents can be less environmentally taxing and feel a lot nicer for your skin. On top of that washing machines give you the option to wash clothes far hotter than you need to – washing at 30 degrees is better for the clothes and far more eco-friendly. If you know what you’re doing, you can do your whites in the proper green way!


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