How to beat winter

Treat your lips…

If your lips are feeling dry in the cold winter months, invest in a lip scrub such as Popcorn from Lush (£5.95) or if you’re feeling like getting crafty in the New Year then make your own! Granulated sugar, oil/honey and some flavouring such as peppermint oil works well and tastes good too.

And treat your hair

If your hair is feeling a bit frizzy or dry in the winter months a change of haircare products might just sort it out, anything with products such as argan oil in it will be super moisturising and leave your hair feeling silky smooth.

Freebies are best…

Try all the free samples you get in magazines or in the shops, you might end up finding your new favourite product!

…so are cheap things

Winter sales are fantastic for buying staple items such as coats, bags and trousers that will see you through until next winter.

Coconut oil always

Coconut oil works wonders. This multipurpose oil was raved about in 2016 with good reason. It can be used for cooking, moisturising and to make your hair silky smooth.

Permanent Glitter…

Spray a little bit of fixing spray onto your eyeshadow brush before applying your favourite eyeshadows for a creamy and extremely pigmented finish; this especially works well with glitter!

No blusher, no problem

Out of blusher? Use a retro technique. You can use lipstick for a similar effect and a lovely rosy glow.

Your skin is important

Always take your make-up off before bed; your skin will thank you for it in the morning. Go easy on those make-up wipes, they upset the pH balance of your skin and cause breakouts.


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