How to get frosty nails

It may be unpleasantly chilly as we fight our way through the winter months, and there has been a lot of snow dusting the land recently, but Mother Nature has given inspiration for many artworks and nails are the perfect canvas to incorporate her snow-white gift into fashion.

Frosted nailsPhotograph: MagnifyYourStyle.

Here are a few steps to show you how to make a simple, yet adorable, snowflake design to accessorise your nails in this chilly weather.

You will need a light base colour, Barry M’s mint is being used here, but you can use other shades of light green, blue or pink (any of the pale/pastel colours you’ve got). A clear sparkle/glitter nail polish for shimmering effect. Then you will need a white nail art deco polish (these are the long thin brush nail polishes to make designs); model own do a nail art pen you can get from Superdrug or Boots for £6, however you can buy them quite cheaply online (or you can try making your own; be resourceful with your liquid eyeliner brush!)

You will also need some dotting tool which you can, again, buy online, from beauty stores or you can make your own by using a bobby pin or a ball point pen. And finally, of course, your favourite clear top coat.

  1. Apply your base coat, making sure to re-apply with these light colour so that they come out looking bolder, and leave to dry (you know the drill).
  2. Taking your white art deco polish, it’s time to create your snowflake. Form a horizontal line on the nail, anywhere you fancy, followed by an ‘X’ shape with two diagonal lines across your first horizontal line, until it looks a 6 point star.
  3. Continuing with the snowflake design, get some paper to apply a drop of white nail polish to use for dotting your nails. Using your dotting tool (or bobby pin/ ball point pen) at the end of each of the lines of your 6 point star dot them.
  4. Still using your dotting tools create more dots around your snowflake, all different sizes, to make it appear as if snowflakes are falling from afar.
  5. Apply your favourite top coat for keeps.

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