How to make your house a home

Moving away from home for the first time to live on your own at university can be scary, without the added pressure of living independently and having to do the cooking, cleaning, food shopping and washing on your own. It’s therefore always a good idea to try and make your student
accommodation, be it halls or a student house, as homely as possible.

At first it may feel rather strange living under a new roof but you will gradually adjust to the new surroundings. For some, a house isn’t a home until it’s been cooked in. The smell of freshly baked cookies is bound to be a huge reminder of mum’s home cooked food so stock up your fridge (don’t forget comfort food!).

Air freshener or scented candles are useful to discard bad smells whilst adding a warm atmosphere. If you are moving into your own house and your bills aren’t included, try and stay warm even if the heating isn’t included as a cold house is never a homely one. If that’s not possible then make sure to invest in colourful blankets and onesies.

Decorating your house with photos of family and friends back home or posters and decorations of the things you love will give a homely feeling. These are also a great ice-breaker if you are living in halls. Plus, a house is never a home without photos, and bare white walls with leftover Blue Tack may make you feel rather homesick!

Try and add some colour into your room even if it is only the curtains or the duvet cover. Colourful cushions are an eye-catching touch to any room or alternatively a patterned rug will feel welcoming whilst hiding stains, after all, this is your home for the next nine months. Adding a mirror in the hallway can also add a feeling of spaciousness to those tiny student houses!

Even if plants aren’t your favourite thing, they are an easy way to bring life to your room whilst adding warmth and colour, (don’t worry, no one will know that it’s fake). Lamps are also a great way to add colour and character to your room and are easy to co-ordinate. A house definitely isn’t a home without a bookshelf! I’m sure any student will agree that it will soon be full of textbooks and folders and this will keep your room tidy too. If you can’t fill it up, you could always add small ornaments and photo frames. Charity shops are a great place to find quirky ornaments – at a good price too! Finally, a house isn’t a home without memories, so make as many as possible!


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