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A new app is available to students and staff at UEA from 17 September 2018 and its developers are encouraging people to utilise their app to help manage and maintain their wellbeing.

In anticipation of the app’s arrival, Concrete went to find out what it’s all about.

To start the app can be easily downloaded from the app store (or Playstore if Android’s your thing), and as you load the app there’s no log in screen, you’re straight in. Immediately you are greeted with one of the app’s key features, that is a wall of emojis to reflect (almost) every mood.

It’s here that users can select their current emotion and then perhaps the cause of this emotion, positive or negative and the app will then direct you to the most appropriate service for improving or maintaining that feeling.

The app includes useful tools, including a map of campus with the key service and locations highlighted; so whether you’re new to campus or well seasoned, you will be able to find your way.

There is also a budgeting tool built into the app; it is certainly no surprise that money problems are one of the largest stressors on students, as such this tool would be very useful for many.

Although the app is very colourful and appears to provide guidance and support for those at the point of need, it may well benefit from features that would allow it to be built into daily use.

The option to track your mood and see how different factors have influenced your mood/wellbeing overtime may help users to be more reflective. Along with something that equates to a workload planner that allows you to highlight your concerns and plans for the week, as well as highlight your successes and achievements, which together may help to balance the work/load/life juggling act.

The app provides an opportunity to Open Up about how you’re feeling, but to an inanimate object, which I am sure will make it easier.

The guidance and support services allow you to follow up with exactly what you might need.

Concrete approved.


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