How to: style the ankle boot

The Ankle Boot

Winter has definitely arrived. The torrential rain and ghastly winds means it is a definite goodbye to the sandals and espadrilles, and the UGGs can stay dry at home. It’s time to bring out the ankle boot. The trusty, faithful ankle boot, providing a sophisticated look whilst also keeping your ankles snug. With the new addition of floral, velvet and studded styles, it means that they can also be great ammo on a night out.

The Black Suede Classic

Searching for ankle boots isn’t a hard task, especially when the black suede (or any colour suede for that matter) is pretty much everywhere. They take the many forms of the very simple, all over, ankle high, laced or zipped, boot. Providing a cute accessory to accompany your everyday outfit for lectures, lunch or trips to the library, as they’re comfortable, practicable and fashionable. But add on some studs or even a lining of fur and you have some spruced up evening shoes, which are now practical (and sneakily warm). You get style points as well as the knowledge that your mum would be proud.

Chelsea Boots

Chelsea Boots have come a long way from their mod-scene ancestors, no longer appearing clunky or large, they have been shaped to a womanly, petite fitting and now come in a range of pretty designs. If looking for a classic pair to accompany your everyday wear, Topshop and River Island have a great range of Chelsea Boots that you know will stand the test of time and the harshness of winter. For a more interesting design, ASOS have a range of Chelsea boots not only in bold colours, but also in paisley and floral designs, allowing a very masculine boot to appear more feminine, complimenting the wintery surroundings you’ll be marching them around in.

The Daytime Wedge

For those of us who are very brave, the daytime wedge is a great piece of shoewear to provide sophistication and an edge of style. Try River Island’s ankle wedges, black all over until you discover the cheeky input of leopard print strip down the back, at a height that won’t break your neck when trying to climb to Arts Floor 3. Or, even bargain hunters can rejoice in Primark’s new range of ankle boot wedges, available in a range of suede styles and colours to provide an unconventional but interesting dash of style. And then there’s the night-time ankle boot wedge – winter night outings mean that they are dusted off and partied in until their heels wear away… Try New Look for their ever-affordable high heels, the standard black ankle boot stiletto looks a killer but you’ll be keeping your tootsies warm and wrapped up, a great look especially as winter rolls around and the tights come out!

High Tops

For the street savvy amongst us the High Top provides a new, fashionable take on the shoe style made famous by basketball players and Justin Beiber… Wait! Don’t let that put you off… The high top has been reinvented lately (check out H&M or River Island for their range of High Top Boots), restyling them with suede and leather to make them a more feminine accessory that can accompany a pair of jeans for your trek to campus, and even now as wedge for your nights out. And if you think the High Top may not be a style you can pull off, don’t worry, elegant dressers such as Anne Hathaway and Made In Chelsea’s Millie can, so what’s stopping you?


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