The University has announced that the Faculty of Arts and Humanities (HUM) will undergo reorganisation and from September 2014 will comprise fewer schools of study.


The new structure will consist of four schools of study, half of the current amount. The schools of Political, Social and International Studies (PSI); Language and Communication Studies (LCS); and Philosophy (PHI) will all be absorbed into one school, The School of Politics, Philosophy, Language and Communication Studies. The current schools of Art History and World Art Studies (ART); Film, Television and Media Studies (FTM); and American Studies (AMS) will be incorporated into the “School of Art, Media and American Studies”.

The schools of History (HIS) and Literature, Drama and Creative Writing (LDC) will remain the same. All the schools will continue to offer their full range of modules, and there will be no reduction in contact hours or in the number of academic or administrative staff.

Over 40% of staff are concentrated in just two schools in the current faculty of Arts and Humanities, those of History, and Literature, Drama and Creative Writing. It is hoped that the new structure will allow smaller and medium-sized schools to share their current administrative responsibilities, freeing up more time for staff to engage in scholarly and research activity.