Hurricane Matthew hits Haiti

More than 900 people in Haiti are believed to have died after the country was devastated by Hurricane Matthew on 4th October.

The official death toll still stands at 336, however, many more have been reported dead or missing, or are out of reach by aid services according to local civil protection officials.

Matthew made landfall at the South Western peninsular of the island nation, with winds of over 125mph and torrential rains that destroyed roads, flattened homes and hospitals, flooded entire towns and destroyed crops and livestock.

Whilst the death toll is still rising, Haiti’s greatest concern right now is the development of cholera.  A water-borne disease, cholera thrives in unsanitary environments and can spread quickly through damaged water supplies. 13 people have reportedly died from the disease since the storm struck and another 62 are sick, according to the Haitian health ministry. Although infections remain relatively scarce for the moment, officials will be concerned about this reappearance of the disease that killed more than 10,000 people after the earthquake in 2010.

After Haiti, Matthew progressed northwards into the Southern United States, however, the damage was far less extensive, and many were somewhat relieved to have avoided the worst of the storm.

2.2 million southern households have been left without electricity or other supplies, and flooding has been reported in several major cities, including Charleston, South Carolina, since the storm arrived in Florida on Saturday morning. The storm landed at a Category One, rather than a hurricane, with winds having dropped to around 75mph.

However, there have still been 17 deaths in the US reported as a consequence of the storm, according to ABC News.


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