Based on a true event, Hustlers tells the story of a group of strip club dancers who, after the 2008 economic collapse, decide to commit fraud by drugging their male patrons and stealing their money. The cinematography within the film was excellent, even more so when one takes into consideration the film was shot in 29 days. 

The cast were fantastic, but it is Jennifer Lopez’s performance as the matriarch of the group, Ramona, that fully stole the show. The bond between the actresses on screen evokes genuine empathy and a connection to the characters, even whilst they commit serious crimes. Additionally, the film has some fantastic comedic moments that furthers the viewers connection to the characters on screen. 

Lastly, the film is written and directed by Lorene Scafaria. It is refreshing to see a film starring women which is written and directed by a woman. The film also rejects the idea of a Mary Sue, a female character who is simply perfect. The women in this film are flawed and learn from their mistakes, and are not simply stereotypes of what a strong woman should be. 

Overall, whilst I don’t believe the film will win any major awards or break any box office records, Hustlers was a widely enjoyable film. It manages to get you to root for the girls on screen and in doing so, leaves you feeling morally grey for a few days afterwards.

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