I want to ride my bicycle, and so should you

The days of wobbling around your garden on stabilisers are long gone, and it’s time to revive your bicycle for more practical matters. Most likely, many of you have a stabiliser-free bike at university already and either use it religiously, or have it sitting neglected in a bike rack or shed. If you’re leaving your bike to bite the dust (or don’t have one at all), read on and see how it could actually be your little life saver.

The most obvious benefit of having a bike at university is getting from A to B quickly without constantly paying for bus tickets. We’ve all run out of breath into a seminar after waking up with ten minutes to spare, and being able to travel on wheels would certainly give you a little more time to get ready in the morning (and a little less time in a flap pacing down the street).

That is not to say that speed walking isn’t an effective way to travel, but it’s safe to say that more of us tuned into the delights of the Olympic velodrome than the 20km race walk this summer. Honestly, if you’re that keen to get somewhere by foot, just run!

The Olympics have shown us that people in this country work better on a bicycle, but it’s not just speed and convenience you’ll be gaining from hopping on your bike. Ward off the freshers’ 15 without paying a fortune for the gym (those £1.60 payments add up) and take a ride to increase your fitness and be more active during the day. Not only will you feel more lively and healthy, but cycling is a one way ticket to a nice derriere, and you’d be lying if you said you didn’t want one of those.

It’s also common knowledge that active people are more productive, so riding a few times a week could give your academic work a boost. It’s all win, win, win! Not to mention that exercise also relieves stress.

You’ve already arrived from A to B on time, saved money at the gym, increased your fitness, sculpted your dream glutes, reduced your stress levels and boosted your university work, what more could you possibly want? Don’t let it go to your head, but simply by cycling between university, home and the city, you’re saving the world. Bikes are the hippy’s “up yours” to the cars and buses which are polluting our environment and contributing to global warming. Join the eco warriors and hop on your bike for a guilt-free conscience.

Cycling around Norwich couldn’t be easier, with its network of cycle paths and bike shops all around the city centre. Hopefully you’ve been encouraged to head their way to invest in your own long-term money, health, work and life-saver, or, if you have a bike already, then give it a once over and start reaping its benefits.

There is no excuse not to saddle up, grab a helmet and get on your bike. If none of these reasons to cycle happen to take your fancy, then I suggest that you simply take one bike ride around the UEA broad, pretend you’re not a student after all, and instead dream of being an Olympian in the velodrome.


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August 2022
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