Ice cream.

Soft serve with strawberry sauce on the side.

A limited edition offer to spin down its swirly vanilla slide.  

Smooth surface, untouched and shiny new,

My heart beats faster as I think of the magic bound within you.

Sprinkle covered cone, I take a hesitant bite,

I go deeper and deeper till I dissolve into your dairy delight.

Lick after lick, I feel you melt against my tongue,

Lick after lick until I’m almost unstrung.

The sauce is thick and pooling down in drips,

Sweet liquid trickles against my hungry lips.

After we are done, you are gone without a trace,

The only proof of your existence is a few crumbs left on my face.

But your taste won’t be forgotten and I’ll soon be back for more,

After all there’s so many flavours still left to explore…

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