Sex and Drugs Survey 2020

‘If you want to cheat, then cheat’

The Sex and Drugs Survey revealed that 92% of people believe that cheating on a partner is not acceptable, but only 83% said they haven’t cheated. I guess it could be assumed the gap is made up by people who cheated and realised it was wrong, but it poses an interesting question: is cheating ever fine?

Yes. It’s fine. If we’re being honest, most things are justifiable. Cheating is one of those things. It’s not always wrong. It depends a lot on the situation. Obviously in a bad relationship if you cheat it’s somewhat irrelevant. If you’re in a committed relationship where there are no real issues – you’re official and all that – and then you cheat? You’re almost definitely in the wrong. It’s very difficult to justify. But if you’re willing to go outside and cheat there are probably issues in your relationship and you might as well end it anyway. Either you’re wrong for your partner because you want to cheat, you’re not in the right stage of life to be in that kind of a relationship, or you just need a tiny jolt of happiness to get you through the everlasting days of nothingness that is the human experience.

And really, it’s your life. That’s the first thing. I think it’s very easy to be morally righteous. People love to complain and act like they’re superior about anything. About standing in line, about dealing drugs, about using certain spoons when you’re at a buffet. Everyone cares so much about these random rules society gives you, but the thing is, they aren’t you.

Who gives a damn what anyone says? You want to go out and get with someone? Do it. Just do it. Live your life. We need to stop this whole caring about everything, every action, we spend so much time tiptoeing around life and not committing to anything that by the end we’ll just regret every decision we make. If you cheat on your partner of two years and don’t do anything about it, or keep doing it, you’re probably a bad person. That’s not a good thing to do. But you know what? Who cares? Life is bad. Life is awful. If you can live with your actions, make the choices that maximise your own happiness because life is very simply being born, stuff happening, and then you die. And that’s all you get. 

If you want to cheat, then cheat. That relationship won’t work anyway. It’s doomed the second you think that you need to go outside the relationship. Just cheat, find something new. It’s not worth it. If you’re considering it, it’s probably done. And it saves your partner from being in a relationship with someone who would cheat and that’s a really nice thing to do. Cheat, break up with them, keep living. 

Yep – keep living. Stop caring. It doesn’t matter. Nothing matters. 

Have a wonderful day.


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Matt Branston

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