I’m not a scientist, but…

I’m not a scientist but, I’d love to see more easily accessible and reliable scientific information on social media/everyday life.

The current media stream puts out a lot of science based content, but like many others, I am often unsure of how reliable the information is, or if there has been a clickbait title and story formulated to attract views.

I think that the science community could engage more with everyday people through social media outlets such as Instagram or on podcasts. Both of these are extremely popular, especially with young people. Love Island star Dr Alex, has found major success by talking about medical issues and other science related facts on his Instagram stories and these have been a really great way for his followers people to get some quick and reliable facts in a safe and fun way. I’d love to see more people within STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) fields doing a similar thing on social media and for the social media sites to promote and highlight this.

I also think that the science community could benefit from having more of their own major publications. Almost like an ‘Anti-Sun’ where they dispel myths that other news networks often dramatise. I think this would be such an interesting read and could educate a lot of people. Science is so beautiful and innovative and I think it would be great to highlight the intelligence behind the field.

As an arts student, I’d love to see science featured in more fiction and the world of literature and drama. Plays themed around climate change or poetry about the way the world really works. I’d love to see the science world tap into their creative side and produce something that’s brilliantly written whilst also teaching some important lessons. A lot of science information I read online can feel quite stiff so I’d love to see it being more fun and I feel like information will stick a lot better in a humorous or more exciting manne


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December 2021
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