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I’m Not Your Villain 

You grow up hating me. Hearing of the evil I enact, of the terror I reign. You adore the princes, the princesses, the sidekicks. You look up to Sleeping Beauty, and Snow White. To Cinderella and Tiana. But you shudder when you hear my name. Pull faces, and talk about how evil I am. How cruel, how ugly, how wicked I am. But you don’t know me. You don’t know any of us.  

You hear the stories of the winners. “Love and goodness prevails”. But does it? Or is that just the story everyone’s told? Stories are spun by the winners, their deceit like golden thread; winding together to create a beautiful lie. They mould the truth to fit their agenda. To make them the heroes, and us the villains. But let me tell you, I am no villain. 

Not really. 

It’s a better story if I am. No one cares if I’m hurt, or lost, or vulnerable. You’re told I’m all powerful, so that’s who I am. Heroes and villains sell. It doesn’t matter if the hero isn’t a hero at all, or if the villain is caught up in the chaos. It’s not as interesting to you, not as clear cut, if there’s a grey area. If the hero is morally dubious. No, the prince must be charming. The princess must be a damsel in distress. 

And I must be wicked. 

But that isn’t the story. It isn’t my story.  

You see, in my version. The hero isn’t the hero.  

In my version, in my reality, the hero, the prince, he took everything from me.  

So, you may think I’m the bad guy. The villain to watch out for. The person who shouts ‘boo’ in the night.  

But in my life, the villain is the person you welcome in without a moment’s hesitation. 

You may think I’m evil, but I’m not your villain. 

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August 2022
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