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Our friends across the pond have been gassing over pickles forever, and it looks like we Brits are finally catching up.

Pickles were recently named one of BBC Good Food’s top foodie trends to look out for in 2018 and it’s making more and more people aware of their potential.

Pickles can be sweet, sour, salty, hot or all of the above, and all of a sudden, they’re exploding in popularity. London now has seven eateries specialising solely in this trendy veg – that’s a new one to try for every day of the week.

While some people cannot get over their first grimacing experience of its bitter flavour, others can’t resist it. People are falling in love with pickles for their trendy health and digestion benefits, which is a result of the fermentation

After soaking sliced cucumbers in a brine comprised of a combination of vinegar and a secret blend of spices, they become a nutritious and tangy snack which are full of probiotics.

And while I don’t often salivate over foods associated with ‘good for your gut bacteria’, somehow, seeing them pop up all over social media is making me crave that crunch.

Admittedly, they lack in insta-worthy beauty, so will struggle to compete with the likes of smashed avocados and courgetti, but it just means chefs are going to have to get creative to accommodate for its new fashionable status.

Search ilovepickles.com to see all kinds of photo inspiration, ranging from stacked crinkle-cut sandwiches to complex kim-chee salads. Pickles are fat free and only fifteen calories per serving, so next time you’re peckish for a bag of salt and vinegar crisps, maybe opt for a jar of these babies instead – they pack the same flavourful, bitter punch.

Also, they’re hydrating and salty, so they’re the perfect post-work-out refuel snack. In fact, next time you instinctively go to peel the gherkins out of your big mac burger, just throw the whole thing away and eat gherkins instead. (Just kidding with that one). Unfortunately, food fads are fickle (rest in peace ‘Cake Pops’, 2015-2015), so who knows how long pickles will continue to stay on top of the zeitgeist.

Maybe if our very own bars at UEA jump on this opportunity, they could starts serving pickles in the style of their jalapeño poppers and I for one would not be opposed to give them a go.


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