In favour of all-inclusive

Unlimited food, unlimited snacks, unlimited drinks, and unlimited freedom- what’s not to love about all-inclusive holidays? 

As a student, I do tend to gravitate more towards all-inclusive holidays purely because I know that everything is paid for. If I am travelling to a new place where I won’t be sure of the prices and how much money to bring, I’d rather have everything wrapped up in a neat little bow without having to worry about if I have enough money with me and the stress of budgeting abroad. 

I went on an all-inclusive holiday in 2019 and have one booked again for 2020. The thing I love most about them is there isn’t a need for any kind of restriction. You can have another plate of food if you didn’t like the original one, you can have another drink if you want one, and you don’t have to worry about any extra costs. Plus the unlimited alcohol is a massive bonus. 

There are some elements of all-inclusive that I do think are negative and dangerous, as encouraging indulgence can be harmful, but that is where self-control does come in. If you do struggle with an addictive personality, I wouldn’t recommend all-inclusive holidays, but if you are someone who has a good level of self-control, they are perfect. 

I think the value for money is brilliant, on the amount you’d be spending on alcohol alone. Of course, you do trade a little bit of quality sometimes, but if you do your research right and pick a lovely resort, you won’t have to worry. 
One of the best things about having all your food and drink taken care of, is that you have more time to plan other activities and don’t have to worry about all you are going to eat for the meals and where you are going to go. I think it mostly depends on the sort of person you are. I have to be in control a lot of my day to do life, and so when I’m on holiday, I like to relax knowing everything is taken care of for me. I love the choice, the freedom, and the relaxation elements that come with an all-inclusive holiday.


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December 2021
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