Unlocking your inner fashionista

Walking around campus I’m often inspired by outfits, admiring people’s confidence and artistic ability to create fashion masterpieces.

Inner fashionista Photograph: Chloe Hashemi

Comparing our university campus to the catwalks of the fashion world is something some would think ridiculous, but since being here at UEA, I’ve come to realise that this definitely isn’t the case. The stress of university can be so overwhelming but the one part of my day I always look forward to is choosing my outfit. Our clothes express who we are and how we feel; our wardrobe’s being the key to unlock our inner fashionista.

Fashion is an art form and one that is a part of our everyday lives, from the moment in the morning when you throw open your wardrobe doors and delve in to a world made up of different fabrics and colours. Even when you can’t be bothered, you can still reach in and grab your comfiest jumper and seek comfort in your clothing companion.

Not everyone is obsessed with the latest fashions, but even then their wardrobe is a reflection of the person they are – their decision not to follow trends can say just as much as conforming to them. I admire those that don’t alter the person they are just to fit in as there really is nothing wrong with a big, baggy UEA jumper! Clothes and fashion are something which should be enjoyed by everyone and not used to create an elite.

Inner fashionista Photograph: Chloe Hashemi

This form of artistic expression is wonderful as you can learn a lot about someone from their clothes. It’s the little accessories people wear that intrigue me, those personal touches to an outfit which can say so much. Maybe a unique brooch? Or even a battered up old satchel that’s been around for years? Mine is my silver locket which encased within its shell is a photo of my grandfather, or my owl brooch that I’ve had since I was a little girl. It’s those timeless little gems which can instantly transform an everyday outfit into something special. They tell a story and give an outfit depth, erasing the idea that fashion centres of vanity and superficial ideals.

From the unique to the chic, these varieties of fashions are joys to see around campus. Particularly in the square where throughout the day you see an array of different styles coming and going. This diversity shows why UEA is such a brilliant place to grow and blossom as an individual. Students here aren’t afraid to express themselves through the medium of fashion, ultimately encouraging individuality and the embracement of who you are.

Unlike traditional commercial runways, the concrete catwalk of UEA’s campus is one where everyone is able to be themselves. There is no right or wrong and no one is pressured to look a certain way or be a specific type of person. In my opinion I believe that’s how fashion should be, there should be no guidelines to follow which pressure people into changing. Fashion should be a way of representing the person you are and allow you to express yourself, and here at UEA we do just that.

Photographer: Chloe Hashemi. Stylist and model: Imogen Steinberg.


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