I’m a third year Physical Education student, a degree that naturally means I participate in all the usual sports.

But I’ve also been heavily involved with Motorsport my entire life.

I started driving in trials at 14 years old, then rally co-driving at 16.

Both my parents have been rallying since they were my age, so it was just natural that I would get involved as soon as I was old enough.

Rallying has got to be my favourite sport, and it’s one that not many people know about. Nothing can beat the feeling of adrenaline on the start line and reaching those high speeds throughout the stages.

I’ve got a couple of exciting rallies coming up that I will be competing in – the Snetterton Stage Rally on the 15th of February, and the Corbeau Seats Tendring & Clacton Rally in April.

I’m particularly excited about these as they are my most local rallies. Snetterton is only a half an hour drive away from UEA, and there’s always such a fantastic atmosphere at both these events with thousands of spectators coming out to watch.

Although next month’s Stage Rally will use the race circuit at Snetterton, rallying is different to racing. You do not just do laps around the same circuit, each stage is different and can contain different terrains, tight corners and chicanes.

My role is vital in guiding the driver through the stages and making sure they know exactly what is coming up, so we can complete the stage in as fast a time as possible.

It’s a great sport that I’d love to see more young people, particularly girls, get involved with.

At the moment there are only so many rallies I can compete in alongside uni, so I can’t do quite as many events as I would like to. Coursework, clubs and other commitments all need my attention. But hopefully once I graduate I will have the time to compete in more!