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Has Instagram lost its interest?

We live in an age where social media is all around us. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it’s easier to keep in contact with people who live far away and we are always updated on our friends’ lives, but is there a point where this becomes too much?

Alfie, our online editor’s dog, is often given the Instagram treatment. 

The majority of people on campus will know what Instagram is, and you can guarantee that all of these people have formed their own opinion of it. Whether they’re an avid user or a staunch opponent, Instagram’s presence is unavoidable for anyone with any form of social media.

Available for both Android models and the iPhone, the app enables the user to immediately upload a picture of what they are doing, choose a filter to “fit the mood of the photo” and, of course, share it with their friends.

In theory this sounds like a great app, allowing users to share the interesting things in their lives whilst also avoiding the hassle of going through lots of different apps and tools on their phones.

The issue with Instagram comes through with the phrase “share the interesting things in their lives.” Is yesterday’s dinner really that interesting? Everybody eats dinner every day and yes, yours may well be delicious, but is it really necessary to tell the world just how delicious it is?

This app has led to many users believing that they are a master photographer. Surely if you are a master photographer you’d want something more than your phone to take a photo with? There are thousands of professional photographers in the world, and very few use Instagram to get that perfect shot.

As with any social media, it’s how people use it that determines whether it is good or bad, and Instagram is so popular that it has easily become one of the most annoying apps out there.

The majority of the world seems to manage without it, yet those who use it can’t seem to live without it. Whilst in essence Instagram is totally harmless, its popularity does beg one question: what has our generation become if we feel we only have a fulfilled life if we share it on the internet?


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August 2022
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