International Women’s Day Street Art Collective’s 2021 #ChooseToChallenge Campaign

International Women’s Day Street Art Collective (IWDSAC) is a worldwide awareness-raising initiative supported by the all-female street artist group International Women’s crew (IWC).

The collaboration is led by Australia-based street artist Ms Snaps and her IWC, alongside many other female street-artists around the world. The group was formed in 2018, following Mr Snaps worldwide paint jam that she held for the 2018 International Women’s Day. The crew is formed of eight female street artists from all corners of the world.

Every March, this group works in partnership to celebrate International Women’s Day. Their goal? To raise the profile of female artists across the globe and to create opportunities for women in street art to collaborate with each other.

There is a need for support for street art crews and individual artists. They require, for example, funding, paint, and wall space. The IWD website asks: “Can you imagine if we saw more street art by women creatives tantalizingly adorning receptive communities around the world? What if we could increase the visibility of women street artists so they became so popular they could earn a good commercial living from their passion?”

The International Women’s Day campaign is different every year, and the theme for 2021 is #ChooseToChallenge. This theme is accompanied with a hand raised gesture to signify solidarity in choosing to challenge and call out gender bias, stereotyping and discrimination against women.

The IWDSAC invites female street artists to showcase their work on the IWD website and social media platforms. In order to participate, crews and individuals are invited to submit photographs or videos of their #ChooseToChallenge creation. The website states that the creative interpretation is broad and that creations might simply feature a person/people adopting the #ChooseToChallenge gesture and include the relevant hashtags.

For more information about funding or the submission process can be found here:  

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