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Interview: Delete the Banjax

I’m backstage with Delete the Banjax. Very good gig guys. Did you enjoy it? 

Dan: No.

What was wrong with it?

Dan: It’s just a bit racist really, isn’t it?

[after the laughter has died down] Say the guys with the Hitler sketch … but was it really because Tamara did not love you back?

Dan: She didn’t in fact. She was texting the whole way through.

But she could have been texting good things, like: “I’ve just had this proper nice proposition.” 

Dan: Well I could see it was a National Front website on her phone so …

Moving swiftly on, how was it fighting the lion up on stage?

Sam: Difficult, it’s a big stage, plenty of space to be mauled in.

Is the stage bigger than what you guys are used to?

Sam: I think it is really, it’s very stadium sized.
Gareth: We felt very rock‘n’roll.

And how does it feel to have played on the same stage as Coldplay?

Caroline: No!
Gareth: And more importantly Peter Andre.

That’s debatable here. Jack, Carl, you guys have put this wonderful night together, so, Coldplay or Andre?

Jack: Coldplay, without a doubt.
Carl: Well, they both sold out, I’m really happy with both of them.

A true politician’s answer there. So guys, would you recommend UEA as a place to perform?

Caroline: Definitely!
Gareth: Hells yeahs!

Thank you very much guys, and is everyone going to enjoy a few cold pints now?

Delete the Banjax: Absolutely.

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