2015 was a big year for Lucy Rose. After having been playing and writing her acoustic music for more than half a decade, recording albums and EPs as a soloist, as well as touring as a backing singer with Bombay Bicycle Club, her second studio album Work It Out held in the UK Top Ten for several weeks; propelling Lucy on to the mainstream radio and into our Spotify playlists.

Despite last year’s successes, Lucy doesn’t plan on slowing down just yet. When I asked her what she had planned for 2016, the acoustic singer was set on seeing the world:

[su_quote]2016, for me, is going to be a year of travelling and playing music wherever I go….the one thing about travelling [is that] you always do those touristy things, rather than the things that the people who live there actually do,…but I’ll be taking a guitar with me and if I’m in a town or a village nearby just let me know and I’ll come and play you a couple of songs…You get to a certain age where you need to start making these important decisions before it’s too late. I’m 26, I never had a gap year, I feel like I need to see a little bit more of the world before [life] gets too serious.[/su_quote]

Nonetheless, the music is never far from Lucy’s mind:

[su_quote]I think that [the travel] might help me have some perspective on what I want to write about, as well, for the next album. [/su_quote]

Music can’t be successful without a fan base, however, and, as well as this adventurous spirit, at the heart of Lucy’s desire to travel, seems to be a will to become better acquainted with her fans; those from all four corners of the planet.Happy fans and good music are something that Lucy seems to think correlate:

[su_quote]There are a lot of things that I want to do with the second record, [Work It Out], but a lot of people still haven’t heard these songs.[/su_quote]

This planned travel tour seems to be as much for the fan’s enjoyment as it is for Lucy’s, as she currently fears that her relative British success may have sacrificed a part of her international fan base.

[su_quote]I get messages from people all the time saying ‘Oh, I wish you’d come here, but it’s on the other side of the world so I know that it’s impossible. I feel like you can become very concentrated on becoming big on [sic] one place, thinking to yourself ‘Oh, I need to write this song or perform this show so that more people will hear of me’ and I think that you end up neglecting a large portion of your audience; those who like my music and are telling me that they like it! I want to make a conscious effort to go further afield.[/su_quote]

Lucy, like most people in the 21st Century public eye, is active on various forms of social media, particularly Twitter and Instagram. I questioned whether this massive international, and interactive, fan base is a result of her working and writing during the half decade when the internet exploded:

[su_quote]I’m not very good at thinking about the bigger picture, about the entirety of the music industry, but I think that it’s probably a good thing to start building relationships with people who live on the other side of the world. You can almost have a pen pal style connection with these people and you become friends. It’s important to have those connections, especially when you’re song writing because you can feel very isolated, especially when you’re trying to put something ‘real’ into it. So, having anybody say ‘this song is now important to me’, is when I really connect to them and the song. It’s like a reassurance, like a little voice is saying ‘okay, I now feel good about what I’m doing’. We’re very fortunate to be able to have those sorts of connections.[/su_quote]

Despite being fond of her dedicated audience, Lucy was keen to spread a little bit of ‘music love’ and when questioned on who we should be listening to in 2016, could not have been more highly appraising of New Zealand singer-songwriter, Nadia Reed:

[su_quote]There are a lot of people in the music industry that I love and every time I listed to them I go ‘They’re amazing! They should be bigger!’ One of those is a girl my neighbour introduced me to…Nadia Reed. She’s just put a record out and it’s a really good record. Absolutely great record. Listen to her record, that’s all an artist ever wants. They don’t necessarily want to be big. They just want people to listen to their music.[/su_quote]

A humble woman, whose happiness quite obviously resides in the six strings that she can hold in her lap.