An interview with: SalesGossip

Fashion Editor Lucy Jobber spoke to co-founder Elizabetta Camilleri about her up and coming new company SalesGossip, a new online and mobile service that provides information about the latest fashion promotions and sales around the UK.

So firstly, what inspired you to begin SalesGossip and how has the company developed from this initial idea?

About two years ago I was shopping in Central London and realised that a large majority of my favourite shops were holding sales, but by the time I’d visited, nothing was left! I wanted to find one digital place where I could find out as soon as any of my favourite brands had a sale on. I couldn’t find one and so began SalesGossip. I wanted to create a website which listed every single Fashion Sale, Sample Sale, Flash Sale and anywhere with exclusive student discounts. From H&M to Hermes, Converse to Chanel, TopShop to Temperley. If brands have any kind of promotion on, I wanted consumers to find out about it first on SalesGossip.

You regularly update your Style Journal section of the website with all sorts of fashion tips and styled looks, where do you find the inspiration for your articles?

Everywhere. In the street, in blogs we read, magazines, people we hang out with … everywhere. Trends are driven as much by the girls and boys we see in the street as the top designers out there. We are always looking for the next big thing and want every budding fashionista to be able to find it out there for less.

That’s a great ethic to have, especially when it comes to us students who can’t always afford the designer labels! In regards to the student section of the website, how have you gone about tailoring the sales to reflect the student ethos? Is there a focus on budget or is it based on current style trends?

We tend to keep it as a mix of brands that students have told us they love and those retailers that are carrying the trends which we’ve found are popular amongst students.

So how would you advise any young people wanting to get involved in starting up their own business in the fashion industry? We work with a lot of budding fashion writers who are always keen to get in to the industry, is it an accessible business to get in to? 

It is certainly one of the most interesting sectors out there. Anyone who has the ability to mix their creative and innovate brains with good business sense will be successful. The industry is going through a lot of change at the moment. New technology has disrupted old processes along the whole value chain of fashion – right from the designing stage to the actual point of sale. The opportunities in the sector are endless, you just have to have the willpower to follow your ideas through.

And finally, what’s the future got in store for SalesGossip?

In the last year SalesGossip has grown from a fun and interesting idea to a real business. The growth we have experienced in the last few months has been phenomenal, but it’s never enough. The whole team is currently working very hard to increase awareness to all our fellow bargain-hunters out there and bring them some of the best and most exclusive promotions we can get our hands on. From next year we will be expanding the concept across Europe. Our dream is that every shopper out there will check out their SalesGossip App or Website before they go out shopping. We promise you  – you’ll find something you will really love!

Find SalesGossip online, and check out the student discount section of their site.


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