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Interview – We Are The Ocean

We Are The Ocean have steadily built up a dedicated fan base over their eight plus years of playing together, a loyalty that was fiercely evident at their Norwich gig on Thursday 12th November. Venue sat down with three of the band’s members Liam, Jack and Alfie before they hit the stage to discuss their new album, musical inspirations, fans, and weird and wonderful woodland festivals.

This is the fourth date of your current UK tour, how are things going so far?
[su_quote]Really good. Yeah been a while since we’ve headlined. It’s good to be back in the game, back doing shows. Ten shows is a nice amount of shows, not too little, not too much, well I suppose you can never have too much![/su_quote]

How are your diehard fans responding to your new music given that this album has a different sound to the ones that you’ve released before?
[su_quote]They like it! We’ve had some good feedback online, lots of people asking for new songs on this tour. I’ve noticed a bunch of people who’ve maybe liked the first album then drifted away and have now come back, we’ve had people say that they have maybe lost us for a bit and have come across the new album and it’s reinvigorated things a bit. So that’s great, it’s really nice to have them people back. Lots of people asking for new songs that we haven’t released yet. The new album we’ve has released three or four videos for it. So many people just know the singles in general, so it’s always nice when people know the actual album tracks.[/su_quote]

What is your rehearsal schedule like now that you’re back on tour?
[su_quote]It depends really. We go in normally a week before tour and feel it out from there. It takes us a while to get warmed up, we pick out a set, and then the set changes about four or five times. We start talking about what kind of set we want to do a couple of weeks before we get into the practice room, then when we get in there we’ll swap things around a bit.

We ask people online what kind of songs they want to listen to, and we try to factor that in as much as we can. We got to a point where we’re ready to go on tour, there’s lots of older songs that we haven’t played in a while and a lot of newer ones that we’ve never played, so we had to make sure that we had spent enough time on them. It’s funny that you just remember them, you just know them from years ago. We do practice for like six hours or eight hours sometimes, we go for as long as it needs.[/su_quote]

You’ve played some festivals this year, how was that?
[su_quote]Crazy, really. You go to places like Germany and Austria and they’re really big festivals in really cool parts, in the middle of the forest, always lovely people to meet. It’s always nice to travel around and go to these different places. There was a nice mix this summer of bigger festivals of a certain genre and smaller festivals of a certain genre, a really nice variety to it. Also, performing in the UK as well as mainland Europe, it was a busy summer, with some really good shows.[/su_quote]

Who would you like to collaborate with in the future?
[su_quote]Liam: I’d like to do something with Lonely the Brave, just because I really like Dave’s voice.
Alfie: Their sound would lend itself well and their guitar music isn’t too distant either.
Liam: Either that or N.W.A, if they were to reform![/su_quote]

How were you inspired to become musicians?
[su_quote]Liam: I fell into it, my parents are pretty musical. Dad played in a band, mum was a singer, so I grew up wanting to play music. I’m not really good at anything else!
Alfie: My brother played music, I lived in a really rural town where not much goes on. So when you went to school, music was such a good thing to be involved in. It got you to different venues, seeing other people the same age as you that are playing shows at rugby clubs and that, so it’s kind of a community.
Jack: I think for me it was just a group of friends picking up instruments at the same time and then meeting other people at shows, and there was this big community of a local music scene, and I wanted to be a part of it.[/su_quote]

What’s your favourite part of being a musician – is it the writing, the performing, getting feedback from the crowd?
[su_quote]A bit of everything. Being able to express. It’s a good release. The whole journey of a song, taking it from the studio to the stage and performing it with that journey it mind, how it came to be. Then seeing people singing it back is always very exciting.[/su_quote]

During your gigs do you stick to original songs, or do you throw in the odd cover or two?
[su_quote]Only recently have we started playing around with covers a little bit more. It can be quite fun, and interesting for a crowd. There are some people who have seen us on numerous occasions, so we try to revamp the set a little and make things interesting. There’s also a lot of songs that we love and like to pay homage to.[/su_quote]

How do you approach the song writing process, do you all collaborate on songs or does someone usually take the lead?
[su_quote]It happens in different ways, sometimes we’ll all be jamming in the practice room and something will come out, or one of us will come into the room with a new idea, anything. It’s nice doing it that way because there’s no real pressure on anyone specific. It’s more of a collaborative.[/su_quote]

What do you guys want to do in the next few years, any particular goals?
[su_quote]Liam: Save some whales, jump out of an aeroplane.
Jack: It’d be good to explore the world a little bit with the music. We’ve been lucky enough to go to a few continents, but it’s always nice to meet new people, and it’s always exciting to see the songs that you wrote being sung by people in a completely different country.
Alfie: Go do some exploring. Play on top of a mountain somewhere, just explore.
Liam: Space is the new frontier guys, we need to get on that spaceship from Virgin![/su_quote]


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