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Interview – Wolf Alice

You’re playing the LCR in March, just one of the dates on your second major headline tour in 6 months. How does this constant touring feel for you guys?
[su_quote]It’s great. It’s what we wanted. If you’re a musician, our kind of musician, this is the bread and butter of what you do. To be given the opportunity to go out, it’s amazing to go
out and get to do it every day. It’s a dream come true.[/su_quote]

What’s the best story you have from your 2015 travels?
[su_quote]I don’t know if I can really highlight one, the whole thing was just a complete blur. Our producer said to us last year after we’d just finished the record, “pack your bags, you’re not going to see your girlfriend for a year or so”, we were like “yeah yeah”, but then the shows just kept flooding in. We haven’t stopped touring, we’ve had a couple of weeks off in January, but it’s the first bit of time off we’ve had in a long time.[/su_quote]

During your rise to fame, before the release of My Love is Cool, what are some of the most interesting gigs or venues you played?
[su_quote]There are tonnes around the country, it’s a real shame because we look online and see another one’s closed, which is really sad. The Old Blue Last in London, we played a lot of our early shows there, that was a lot of fun. I always really liked the Cockpit in Leeds, Sugarmill in Stoke is a great one, Leadmill in Sheffield, Bodega in Nottingham. I mean there’s just tonnes, tonnes of great venues across the country. You look and you see places closing down, places we played a year ago, and you think ‘fucking hell, what happened in a year?’ There’s no excuse not to go out and listen to great live music. [/su_quote]

You’ve got a Grammy nomination, a Brit nomination, a Mercury Prize nomination, to name a few—how does all this recognition feel so soon after the release of your debut?
[su_quote]Yeah; it’s great, I mean to be honest we don’t really take too much from awards, it’s very nice, it’s nice to get the accolade but we’d be doing this without the awards and things like that. The main thing for us is a matter of representation and being an indie band on an indie label, and getting invited to the Brits and Grammys which is major label centric, quite a nice nod from that side of the industry. People know Wolf Alice and people like it on all sides, which is the biggest victory as far as I’m concerned.[/su_quote]

It probably doesn’t help bringing this up, but does this prestige put pressure on you for your next release?
[su_quote]No, I think our own sense of quality control is the only thing that will put pressure on us.[/su_quote]

Have you got any plans to play new material on your spring tour?
[su_quote]I dunno…maybe, I mean we’re playing some new stuff at the moment. You’ll have to come and find out.[/su_quote]

How have you noticed your gigs change since Blush and Creature Songs were released to now?
[su_quote]There’s lots of things, the rooms are a little bit bigger now, there’s a couple more people. It was a relief for us when we released the record. People finally had a copy of all the songs we were playing live, it was one thing to go to and see a band and know all the songs they were playing but before they release a record you’re going in on memory on some songs, so it’s nice to be able to play for people to know the words and people can jump around.[/su_quote]


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