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At the start of this academic year, I had the chance to interview the singer songwriter Eliza Delf. Six months on and Eliza is back with her debut album which I have had the chance to exclusively listen to before its release on the 13th May. I can safely say that this album is a must listen. 

Eliza’s music is steeped in folk imagery and sounds while having an operatic feel to it that allows Eliza to showcase her truly phenomenal voice. The album is produced by the folk producer Jon Loomes and this professional production makes for an incredibly well-crafted and executed album.

Into The Wilderness is a fitting title to this album. The tracks are sonically vibrant, filled with instrumentation that leaves you discovering more with each listen. The songs feel very well paced throughout the album and at no point do they feel unfinished or over staying their welcome.

Songs such as My Familiar and If She Were To Fall are empowering, focusing on female defiance. Throughout the album there is a clear recurring theme of female empowerment that comes through very strongly.

As I was writing this review, I was considering which songs I could use as examples for Eliza’s vocal performances but, if I’m being honest, every track showcases her vocal talent.

On Heaviness in the Head, Eliza delves into indie folk rock which makes for a welcome change of pace. The drums on this track sit perfectly behind Eliza’s refrains of ‘no-one will ever know’.

My personal highlight from this album, however, is In The Court of the Queen of Strangeness. The title itself feels similar to a late 90s Bright Eyes song. The track begins with these dramatic violin strings that feel like we are about to witness the closing moments to an intense drama. The harmonising backing vocals create added layers to the track and give it a haunting atmosphere. 

Into The Wilderness is set to be released on the 13th May on all digital platforms and with physical copies available too. In the meantime, you can listen to Eliza’s lead single Howl which is available to stream on all platforms.

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