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Is Listening to music via radio in decline? – music poll

Yes – 23 votes / No – 9 votes

 Bryan Mfhaladi

Although radio is on decline because of the availability of music streaming sites such as Spotify and audiobook sites such as Audible, I still listen to my favourite station: BBC Radio 1 regularly, at least twice a week. I listen to Radio 1 because I enjoy the regular interviews with, usually my favourite artists and how some of my favourite artists, for example The 1975, premiere some of their new music on Radio 1 before putting it elsewhere.

Lucy Burrows

Listening to music via Radio is becoming a thing of the past. Before the invention of smart phones and apps, Radio was an important source of entertainment. Sure, we could use CD’s or Mp3 to listen to our favourite artists. But if we wanted to hear the latest top hits, before they were released for purchase, Radio was the only way. Now, soon as new music is published by an artist, it is available to stream and download instantly. We no longer need to wait and with that we don’t need to tune in to the radio to find out about it. A search engine or streaming app will inform us of when new music releases. Music streaming services are even clever enough to suggest what music we may like. Sure, radio is still needed for many generations who are unfamiliar with music streaming and downloads, but over time it will become less significant.


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May 2022
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