Is sleeping with flatmates a good idea?

It can happen in many ways. Your eyes could meet across the kitchen table, causing you to fall head over heels in love with them.

Is sleeping with flatmates a good idea

You could simply have a few too many drinks at the LCR, when something in your brain suddenly tells you that your flatmate is much more attractive than you’d previously realised. However it happens, is having sex with a flatmate really the best of ideas?

At the beginning it seems like a great idea. You already know eachother, you only live rooms apart, staying over and making that 9am seminar the next morning is no issue, and the prospect of the walk of shame is completely removed from your morning routine.

It’s only when things go wrong that intra-flat affairs become awkward. Whether it is a full blown relationship or a one night stand, arguments or break ups are going to leave neither of you with a pleasant living situation for a while.

If it is just a one night stand, then there is always the risk of one person reading more into the relationship and becoming more hurt. If it is a relationship that ends badly, then be prepared to confront your ex every day for the next year, unless you have ninja hiding skills.

It’s not just you and your partner in crime who will suffer – the other people in your flat will be forced to take sides, resulting in the dreaded flat divide. In an even worse scenario, the one night stand which you’d rather regret could become the much-loved flat joke, which you will fight to live down for the rest of the year.

With a walk of shame you can at least sneak in without arousing the suspicions of your flatmates but, within the confines of a flat, it is much more difficult to avoid the prying eyes and vicious rumours of the girl in room C.

If you were to meet someone in a bar and suggest that you both move in together there and then, it wouldn’t make much sense, so why would you want a relationship with someone who you already live with?

With over 15,000 students at UEA, is it really necessary to get with the one that you’re going to be living with for the next academic year?

It is inevitable that your relationship will slip up somewhere along the line. The odds are that there are thousands more students that are just as, if not more, attractive than the guy who lives down the corridor, so why not explore outside the confines of your hall before settling down with one of your flatmates?


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