ISOC raise thousands for charity

The UEA Islamic Society (ISOC) raised more than £2,350 for the ‘Islamic Relief’ charity during the course of the society’s charity week.

A variety of events were held around campus in late October to raise money to supply education, healthcare, infrastructure, and security to multiple regions and thousands of citizens worldwide. This includes putting resources towards the ongoing Rohingya crisis in Myanmar.

The charity week began with its’ biggest event, Halalfest, a mini food festival where students from UEA ISOC and their families cooked and brought in food to share.

With the help of seven other committees and donations from shops this event was a huge success raising over £750 alone.

Other events included a popular henna and cake sale, followed by an evening in collaboration with the Womanist Society presenting a panel of four female students to speak out on their experiences as Black Muslims.

They organised a charity football match by teaming up with other societies and collecting donations during the game. The week ended on a high with the opportunity for sumo-suit wrestling in the Hive, bringing in another £180. Separate to the charity week, ISOC also raised over £600 with a charity head shave which surpassed the society’s target.

Haroon Razmandeh, President of UEA ISOC, spoke to Concrete about the week’s success. He said: “Charity Week has lived up to its initial aim that was established about a decade ago – a symbol of unity and solidarity between people of all ages, religions and ethnicities.

“I am grateful of the wonderful charity I am surrounded by at UEA who donated to the cause and the volunteers who worked tirelessly.”


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