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UEA Jailbreak smashes £10,000 target – photos

  • Livewire 1350’s annual charity challenge kicked-off this weekend. 
  • 27 teams have 48 hours to get as far from Norwich as possible without spending anything.
  • As of Sunday morning, Jailbreak has raised over £11,000 for Cancer Research, £3,500 more than last year. Donate here.

Jailbreak Teams 2013 - Photo via Livewire 1350The teams before heading off. Photo via Livewire 1350.

Jailbreak UEA – in photos

27 teams try to get as far from Norwich as possible. Jailbreak is raising money for Cancer Research. This year’s challenge has raised over £10,000.

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These blobs of blu-tac are actually real life people in our #jailbreakuea teams!! Check the spread, jailbreakers ftw! http://pic.twitter.com/URyTSIXdHsAlex Valentine
Inevitable #jailbreakuea http://pic.twitter.com/87sa2qWuo9Dominic Joyce
whilst failing to escape Madrid has been depressing, tapas isn’t #jailbreakuea http://pic.twitter.com/l1PnjqUfNPNatasha Silkin
ROME #jailbreakuea http://pic.twitter.com/mnOollKwQESam Carruthers
SCOTLAND!!!! #jailbreakuea #fabweather http://pic.twitter.com/b2jmssxBRBCaitlin Gray
#jailbreakuea @Livewire1350 checking into a hotel at a lovely discount after a hard two days!!!! http://pic.twitter.com/M3cjrqQTKPJack AmadeusMayorcas
How EatPrayMuriel pass the time, waiting for the drunks to come out and play (unintentionally donate!) #jailbreakuea http://pic.twitter.com/FgAWYKBKkuLivvy Brown
there is only so much rejection one girl can take #jailbreakuea http://pic.twitter.com/2P0zSCBYRkNatasha Silkin
Had to get off the train but now back on to Rome!!! #thanksyari #jailbreakuea http://pic.twitter.com/5oaCLuGcRcJack AmadeusMayorcas
OH HEY Ben Nevis #jailbreakuea http://pic.twitter.com/TUjatORJ5xPoppy Pow
Last sight of England for the foreseeable future #jailbreakuea http://pic.twitter.com/GlMyC8LVxoAnnie
Back in our fave spot in Dover. The toilets haven’t improved much from last year. #jailbreakuea http://pic.twitter.com/nhGOE5xaImPip Williams
Soap Droppers are going to Calaaaaaaaaais! #jailbreakuea http://pic.twitter.com/lA8Q5FlS4ZPhil Maund
#jailbreakuea this is your base camp cheering you on! http://pic.twitter.com/wmGUHs0sPyKate Marks
Waiting in Madrid train station to bed for free tickets to Granada #jailbreakuea http://pic.twitter.com/bgnrzvEhRzholly louise staynor
#jailbreakuea Danny tucked up in bed! http://pic.twitter.com/Kb3n0alpXrDominic Joyce
Spending the night in a Parisian service station. #jailbreakuea http://pic.twitter.com/XVtCrmHWP5Dominic Joyce
Nice and cosy for the night #jailbreakuea http://pic.twitter.com/QrmybX93MwAnnie
drinking beer and playing beer pong with our new hostel fwends #jailbreakuea http://pic.twitter.com/gr9pWGZoIfNatasha Silkin
Model student Freddie revising in Luton #jailbreakuea http://pic.twitter.com/Vn95UfS6iGsarah martin
TAKE ME TO BERLIN “@Pippiins: Just @Tomoos having a sincere look at all the places in Europe were not. #jailbreakuea http://pic.twitter.com/yV2QzlPv0S”Tom Beckerton
SHIP JUST GOT REAL! On ferry to Holland! #jailbreakuea http://pic.twitter.com/9ZSaLvFEdHChristian Georgiou
Got to Calais and after an hour of walking in the wrong direction, turned back and met up with Will and Cameron of "Will Cam Make It?". Headed to train station and after calling in a lot of fundraising favours from our amazing friends – booked a train to PARIS!!! #jailbreakueaPhillip Maund
8/3/13 – Jailbreak Day 1. We did super well for a long time and met loads of lovely people. And got five different hitches all the way down to the Channel Tunnel really quickly. Then we got escorted away by security. Now we are stuck in Folkestone Services for eternity. And I kind of like it. We’re laughing about our sad lives. EVERYTHING IS WET. But it’s fun 🙂 yay #jailbreakueaTom Beckerton


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