Jennifer Lawrence: down to earth superstar

There are arguably hundreds of reasons why it is so incredibly easy to love Jennifer Lawrence, who at such a young age already has an Oscar for Best Actress under her belt and a wildly successful franchise resting happily on her shoulders. The most obvious reason, however, is perhaps the simplest of all, her quirky personality.


It may come as quite a shock in this day and age, where we’ve endured having spoiled socialites and celebrity scandals force fed down our throats by the media, that the Hunger Games star appears completely unfazed by the fame and fortune being thrown her way. Instead of reveling in her success, the 23-year-old is instead seen to laugh it off and poke fun at both herself and her career, and it’s these jokes which make her seem, as clichéd as it may sound, more like “one of us”.

Her easy-going and shockingly honest nature has caused quite a stir with the public and press alike, especially during interviews, where Jennifer is known for saying anything and everything that comes to mind. This has included sharing embarrassing childhood stories (such as thinking that at the age of thirteen it was cool to pee her pants) and usually involves a joke or comment about food, an obsession of hers that she recently has blamed for her untimely tumble at the Oscars last year, where she was apparently distracted by the thought of cake and subsequently forgot how to walk properly in her Dior Couture gown.

Despite her carefree outlook on life, the star has never been afraid to stand up for what she believes in. The star has always been particularly vocal about her feelings towards the subject of weight and has admitted that in the past she has refused to shed any extra pounds to gain a movie role. But it was her recent announcement that she thought “it should be illegal to call someone fat on TV” that really got people talking. This refreshing stance, which in turn saw her being labelled as “fat” by Hollywood’s extremely harsh standards, is just another piece of the puzzle that ultimately caused her to become one of the most talked about stars of 2013.

This feat alone is another reason to be in awe of the actress, who effortlessly dominates the media with so much charisma and wit that it’s quite easy to see why David Letterman told the star during an interview back in November, that “there are no people that don’t like you”. While this may not be an entirely accurate statement, it demonstrates just how popular Lawrence has already become. Tipped to be in the running for another Oscar for American Hustle, the star is likely to win over not only the hearts of the Academy, but more of those of the general public as well.


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