Joe Biden will be the greatest president ever

The headline of this piece makes a statement which many people will find hard to agree with. I think many people, especially of my age and political affiliation, wanted Bernie more than they wanted University to go back to £3,000 a year. But Bernie didn’t win and we have to move on. When I say I think Biden will be the greatest President ever, they say “oh… compared to Trump?”. And I want to be very clear here, I have a low opinion of Donald Trump. But I don’t mean compared to Trump. I believe Joe Biden will be arguably the greatest President ever entirely on his own merit.

I don’t have that many words to go into Biden’s detailed policy positions, so I’m just going to go fast-forward into everything I like about his politics. First, he wants to increase teacher’s wages, offer more mental and physical health support for students, and help to remove systemic racism and classism from schools by improving funding in non-white and poor districts and increasing teacher diversity. Secondly, he wants to open a public health care option for all Americans regardless of income and use bargaining with a massive amount of insured people to force pharmaceutical companies to lower the ridiculous cost of prescription drugs. These are actions which would fundamentally change American healthcare. Thirdly, he cares about eliminating racial disparities in criminal justice, expanding funding for mental health help, sending people to get help instead of going to prison for drug offences, and decriminalising the use of cannabis and automatically expunging all prior cannabis use convictions.

The simple fact is, I could keep going. I could go more detailed on these sectors, or I could go into his opioid crisis plans, his gun safety plans, his incredible climate action plan, his support for free university education for families under an income of $125,000 which would help 80% of families and was written by my leftist lord and saviour Bernard Sanders. I could keep going, I could genuinely keep going. He is smashing almost every single policy proposal I could imagine. He is doing his very best to unite the Democratic party and if in 4 years, the US is looking at Biden’s America, that’s a very good place to be. And considering his foreign policy experience, it’s good for the world. And honestly, I think Biden is genuinely a nice man, he’s compassionate and he cares about being a good President. And that’s something that feels close to gone in politics, and it’s nice to actually see it.

Look, Biden isn’t the end goal. I think in 50 years, a lot of the things he does will be replaced by a lot of better versions: free universal healthcare, free university tuition for all, even stronger environmental protection. So why would Biden be the greatest when I think everything he will do should be improved upon? Because sometimes what’s even bigger than actually doing the thing, is making it possible. In his plans, his policies, Joe Biden is setting America on a path to greatness.

In 30 years, Joe Biden may not be given his due credit for what he does, but I promise you, the effects of a Joe Biden presidency will outlast any of our lives, any of our grandchildren’s lives. I am not joking when I say in 200 years if the world is actually in a good place, I am certain it will have been founded in a Joe Biden presidency. What he will do for the world is that vital. He’s not just the “at least he’s not Trump candidate”, he’s the “thank god he came around when he did” candidate. The future rests in the hands of those voting for Joe Biden. Because Joe Biden is the future.


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