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JoJo Rabbit : “A Heartwarming, Funny Film”

Taika Waititi’s latest comedy JoJo Rabbit tells the story of a young Nazi during the final days of World War 2 who finds a young Jewish girl hiding in his home. At first glance, you would probably question the choice to create a comedy about a group that committed such horrific atrocities however JoJo Rabbit truly works. Its a heart-warming, funny film which highlights the horror of the actions that took place through its comedy.

Roman Griffin Davis helms the film fantastically. His performance is a perfect balance of sweetness, humour and arrogance. Scarlett Johansson arguably gives one of the best performances of her career playing JoJo’s anti-war mother. The star -studded additional cast is fantastic with Stephen Merchant and Rebel Wilson add some good laughs to the film. 

Māori Jewish director Waititi’s portrayal of Adolf Hitler is wonderfully goofy, if at times takes away from some of the heart of the film. If you have seen any of Waititi’s previous work, your aware of the type of tone he strives for. Whilst all these laughs are there in JoJo Rabbit, the film truly shines when it slows down for dramatic moments. The scenes shared between JoJo and Elsa (the young Jewish girl) are gorgeous and really tug at your heart strings. 

There are, however, a few issues I have with the film. Notably the gay Nazi subplot that is never fully developed, and why the adorable Yorkie speaks with an English accent whilst the rest with a German. However, these are nit-picks. JoJo Rabbit is fantastic, but I don’t feel like it will win many awards due to its goofy nature. Don’t let this deter you, JoJo Rabbit is a wonderful film and I implore you to watch it if you haven’t already.


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