As the title music begins, you know you’re in for a treat with Jonathan Creek. From the very first moment chaos and comedy ensue with Alan Davies, who plays the eponymous amateur sleuth, watching a musical, surrounded by people who insist on filming the entire thing on their phones. Creek is agitated by this and ends up in a brawl with the man seated next to him, resulting in a vampiric neck bite. Where else would you find this kind of scenario? To take the show as a serious piece of drama would quite frankly just be silly.

jonathan creek

In the first episode of the latest series another ‘impossible crime’ occurs, with the cast of the musical Creek has just watched of course involved. Sadly the audience witness the entire escapade long before Creek does. A budding Sherlock appears in the form of a friend’s son Ridley, but he does little more than render himself completely inane and pretty annoying.

Sarah Alexander, as Creek’s wife Polly, does a sterling job, but throughout there does feel like something lacking; something in the shape of the wonderful Sheridan Smith, who quit the project due to other acting commitments on stage with well-known actor, David Walliams.

Though this was not the best episode the show has offered it was still a great watch, with the actors excelling and the comedy rife. The whole programme is just a good bit of fun Friday night viewing and the other two episodes in the series will surely prove to be a hit; we certainly can’t wait.