‘Judge me by my actions’ on mental health, says Vice Chancellor

UEA Vice Chancellor Prof David Richardson told students to “judge me by my actions” at a joint mental health Q&A with Student Services and Uea(su). 

Prof Richardson said: “Why should people believe and trust in me? Judge me by my actions. A year or so ago I said I would put in place a Vice Chancellor’s mental health and wellbeing taskforce, I did. I said I would listen to the students, the ‘We Will Be Heard’ [campaign], I did.” 

He added: “I’m the leader of this university and I made it happen.”

He said other universities are coming to UEA to see how the university is tackling mental health issues because UEA is “genuinely becoming the exemplar”. He said: “That’s good, but that doesn’t mean we’re there yet. We’ve got a lot more to do.”

At the same event Claire Pratt, the head of wellbeing at Student Services, said: “There are huge amounts of students who have had a very positive experience and have felt very well supported [by Student Services].”

She added: “My aim is absolutely for every student to feel they can walk through the doors of Student Services and feel that support meets their needs, or if we’re not able to meet their needs that we’re able to adequately support them to find the right place that can.”

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