Just Cause 4

Well, here it is – Just Cause 4 has finally arrived. With the return of the game series that most closely resembles playing through a Michael Bay film, it’s brilliant to say that, man, it looks good!

This winter, developers Avalanche Studios take us to South America, to a country called Solis, to fight the Black Hand – a ruthless and technologically advanced group of mercenaries made up of elite foreign troops. Behind them stand previous crooks in the franchise, such as Salvador Mendoza and General Di Ravello, as well as their leader, Commander Gabriela Morales. She may not be a vicious dictator like enemies in other Just Cause titles, but she’s promised to be just as nasty as any of them – and it’s up to Rico Rodriguez to take her down.

Although – being a Just Cause game – we can expect that the plot to this release will likely remain as window dressing for the real fun of the gameplay. Players will be able to wreak havoc in as many ways as they can dream of, with the insane physics of Just Cause 3 making a comeback. To the uninitiated, that means there will be plenty of blowing up buildings and bridges. The parachute and wingsuit are also making a welcome return along with Rico’s infamous mighty grappling hook, which looks better than ever: players are able to completely customise it with near unlimited combinations. You can now use it to attach airlift balloons, retractor magnets and boosters – all of which can not only be customised individually, but used in conjunction. Airlifting a tank, strapping it with boosters and flying it through the air? Definitely. Using retractor magnets to catapult cars at the enemy? Yes please. If you can think of it with these new grapple options, then you can probably do it.

Also new with Just Cause 4 is the addition of natural disasters, such as lightning storms and tornadoes. These will be capable of tearing up the environment with nearly as much vigour as the player, and should provide plenty of opportunities for creating havoc. Unfortunately, however, the games follows in the footsteps of its predecessors in that there will be no multiplayer functions. Given how entertaining online multiplayer modifications for Just Cause 2 and 3 were, this is a real shame. Let’s hope we can rely on the great work of modders again for this one!

All in all Just Cause 4 looks like it’ll offer more of what we all love from the series: explosions, mayhem and light-hearted chaos. This may very well be one to add to the Christmas list.

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