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There is no arguing that UEA’s events are among the best in the country. With the LCR hosting world class acts from Ed Sheeran to Deadmau5 right on campus, and the Waterfront hosting consistently and frequently high calibre acts and club nights, students are not short of choice for a night out. Not limited to music, UEA’s world famous International Literary Festival has hosted talks from renowned authors such as Margarett Atwood, Jeffery Eugenedies, and Salman Rushdie. For arts, The Sainsbury’s Centre (don’t lie, we all took a hangover visit in first year) is almost unrivalled in the east of England.

However, sometimes it feels good to break out of the student bubble and see some of the culture and events that Norwich has to offer. As a student, new to the city though, it can be difficult to tap into ‘the scene’. Luckily technology, as ever, comes to solve all of your problems and make you a full and complete human being. Released in partnership with City College Norwich, Outline magazine have released a supplement app, and it is guaranteed to become the baseline for your social calendar for the rest of the semester. Collecting city events from a multitude of sources, the Outline app gives up to date news of everything from local gigs and comedy nights, to theatre shows and pub quiz nights. The app is a mine of useful information.

Featuring event information, websites, map directions, and phone numbers, as well as a share function, the app puts in one app the ability to completely coordinate your social life in Norwich. Discovering events is incredibly easy and the app is user friendly and intuitive. Starting from the home screen, users are able to see events collected by date, category or venue, and even given the ability to search by keywords. With the ability to add events to a collection of favourites, users are not likely to become disorientated or have important events lost, despite the avalanche of content the app offers.

The Outline App is available on the App Store and Google Play for free. Your chance to unlock what Norwich has to offer, it is an essential download to all students.


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