“Knowledge is the gift that will keep on giving”: why books make good gifts

Receiving a book for Christmas verges on one of two paths: euphoria or dread.

In our digitised world, one might say books have become redundant as gifts. In the rise of streaming service entertainment, unwinding in the evening has largely become a case of scrolling through social media.

‘But I don’t like reading!’ I hear you cry – often, this can be a case of not having found the right kind of book. I firmly believe the key to successfully gifting books hinges on a good appreciation of the recipient’s interests, which can be translated across a variety of genres and authors, encouraging even the most stringent anti-bibliophiles to broaden their mind. Without considering this, the gift can miss the mark, leaving the book to accumulate dust on a bedside table for the next few years.

Books will always remain a timeless gift, as envisaged by the popularisation of ‘gift books’ in the 19th century. Guaranteed transportation to another realm and the ability to explore concepts from philosophy to dystopian societies is unparalleled. Moreover, receiving a book communicates a message of thoughtfulness, often offering an insight into the donor’s interests too.

Ultimately, I am convinced that the gift of turning to a crisp new page of printed delightful escapism is something that will never go out of style.


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Laura Gooding

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June 2022
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